Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Reader

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by the fabulous people over at The Broke and The Bookish.  Each week they offer up a topic, and everyone is welcome to join.  So here is mine for this week—Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Reader.  When I first started this, it just came out sappy and kind of weird.  I decided to take it the complete opposite route, and so sarcasm it is.  Especially with number 9; don’t get me started on the Percy Jackson movie!

1.       I don’t need money anyway!  Sure, I’ve got a car payment, my hair hasn’t been cut in months, and my shoes should have been thrown away a year ago, but what does that matter when the final book in the Shatter Me series and the sequel to Pivot Point came out within a week of each other this month?  Priorities, people, you need to have some.
Okay, I'll make a car payment as long as I can keep my awesome license plate!

2.       Who wouldn’t want most of their friends to not exist in real life?  We all sometimes forget that Percy Jackson and Annabeth aren’t real, right?  I can’t be the only one who kind of hoped for a few years that Eric Northman was going to open up a vampire bar in my town.  Oh, and my pretend friends get along really well with my make-believe boyfriends (see #4).

3.       Running into walls is my favorite thing to do.  It’s not my fault books aren’t see-through.  Thank goodness for audiobooks, or I probably would've driven into a ditch by now.

4.       Make-believe boyfriends are the best.  Let me know Etienne, when things between you and Anna go south!  I’ll be here. J   Unless Dmitri breaks up with Rose and shows up first. 

5.       Having 37 boxes of books makes it really easy to move.  When I moved out of my ex-boyfriend’s house a few years ago, I had six different 5-shelf bookcases.  All of them were upstairs in my book room.  Having to pack up my boxes and put them in storage was the most fun I have ever had.  The books have somehow, without my knowledge, multiplied since that time.  I’m can’t wait to move them all again.

6.       I like the look people give me when I say literary things like they actually exist.  One time my aunt was feeling really tired and worn out for a few days, and I actually thought, “Huh, she should get some ‘v.’” Then I thought of the ramifications of my aunt being hooked on vampire blood and realized we didn’t need that kind of drama in our life.  I also can’t walk into a grocery store without thinking maybe I should stock up on canned soup—thanks for the idea Life as We Know It!  I’m ready for the day the moon moves closer to the earth.

7.       I’m still waiting on my letter from Hogwarts.  I refuse to acknowledge that I am a squib.  You can’t make me believe it!

8.       The Amazon man who brings the packages to my house every other day is very nice.  He so doesn’t judge me at all as he hastily throws my package at my front door without knocking and runs away.  My mom says we should tip him.

9.       They do such a good job of turning my most loved stories into movies.  Just look at Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief—I mean, it was like they took the story right out of my head.  Perfection!  And can we talk about The Tale of Despereaux?  I mean, the worst thing about it was having Hermione be Princess Pea.  Other than that, perfection.  Book to movie adaptations like Holes and Matilda should really take some notes.

10. Above all, and with all seriousness for this one, I love reading because aside from the people in my life that  I love, reading has made me the most happy in life. :)


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  4. Love your list! This had me giggling, A LOT! I completely agree with book boyfriends, there definitely isn't anything better. My TTT.

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