Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Top Ten Books That Will Make You Cry

Top Ten Books That Will Make You Cry

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by the fabulous people over at The Broke and The Bookish.  Each week they offer up a topic, and everyone is welcome to join.  I’m kind of stoked that I am actually finally doing it.  So here it is, the top 10 books that made me cry so hard my face hurt and/or I stopped breathing for a while:

1.    The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  I know, I know, completely unoriginal but dear god it will kill a little bit of you inside.  If you haven’t read it, you have to, despite the whole killing your insides bit.  I hate it when people ask me what it is about, because I have to say “Two kids who have cancer,” when in reality it is so much more.

   2.    We the Living by Ayn Rand.  This was the first book that ever made me cry so much I couldn’t breathe.  One of her lesser-known books, she has said that it was the closest thing to an autobiography she would ever write.  The story of three people immediately following the Russian Revolution and how the choices they made would change them all.

3.    The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.  This book had me from the very beginning.  Read the first three pages, and then see if you can stop crying enough to finish it.

    4.    If I Stay by Gayle Forman.  I avoided this book forever.  It was just one of those books that I saw everywhere, and I wanted nothing to do with it.  I regret that I let this book exist for so long without me reading it.  A girl is in a car crash that kills her entire family.  While she is in a coma, she struggles with whether to stay in this life, or leave.  I honestly didn’t know what was going to happen at the end, and I love a book I can’t guess.

5.    Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech.  I hadn’t read this book since I was in fifth grade.  I listened to the audiobook version.  Little did I know I would be crying my eyes out driving down Jefferson Avenue on a Sunday afternoon.  I can only imagine how I looked to everyone driving around me.  This book is for children, grown ups, and basically anyone with a soul!


    6.    Fig Pudding by Ralph Fletcher.  A book that is happy until the end, when it’s not.  A lot of children have to learn to deal with loss in this book.



7.    A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness.  The entire existence of this book necessitates tears.  Patrick Ness wrote this book, which was inspired by Siobhan Dowd.  Siobhan died of cancer before she could write this story.  Patrick Ness took the helm, and crafted a beautiful story of a boy learning to deal with a sick mother.  Completely original, completely breathtaking, and completely certain that you will cry for years.

   8.    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling.  Hedwig. Snape. Moody. Snape. Fred. Snape. Tonks. Snape. Lupin. Did I mention Snape?  A decade of my life was wrapped up in those books, and in the span of two days it was gone.  I felt a complete emptiness inside when I finished this book.  It took a long time for something to fill that back up again.

9.    Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy by Gary Schmidt.  This book won a Newbery Honor and a Printz Honor, yet you don’t hear about it much.  A white minister’s son moves to a town and befriends a black girl from an island of former slaves.   The townspeople are trying to kick the inhabitants off of the island.  Heartbreaking in its honesty.



   10. Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein.  Everyone should read this.  Kiss me quick, Hardy!


  1. The Sky is Everywhere is a great book! I nearly added it to my list too.

  2. Great picks. The Sky is Everywhere made my list too, such an emotional and beautiful book. I also picked Deathly Hallows, I pretty much cry from beginning to end. My TTT :)

  3. Code Name Verity is on my list as well. HP is a great choice. I forgot how I always cry when I read the scene in Prisoner of Azkaban where Harry sees his patronus across the water and realizes what it is and where it really came from. I have no idea why that scene gets me! There are actually plenty of teary scenes in HP now that I think about it. Snape! Hedwig! I've seen Fig Pudding on several lists today--must check that one out.

  4. Totally agree...everyone should read Code Name Verity which just happens to be my embarrassing audiobook in the car experience. Loved your list!