Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let's get it started in here

  My floors have been waxed.  My green carpet that matches my pink and green room décor has been shampooed.  Apparently you can use Sharpie Paint Pens on desks and remove it with Expo markers, so now I have 23 desks, with kids' names written on them, that are waiting for the kiddos to come sit in them on Tuesday.  It's time.  I've been wanting to write a blog for over a year.  Originally, I wanted to write a book blog, but my passion for reading simply cannot outweigh my passion for teaching.

So what to share, on my very first blog that nobody besides my mother and possibly my reading professor may ever read?  I want to write a blog where I don't focus on things I cannot change--home lives, paperwork, bad attitudes--but on the things that I can do.  I operate on the fundamental belief that reading and writing can change our lives and it is my job to help my students see that in themselves.  My goal is to have my children orchestrate their own reading and writing lives, makes their own choices as readers and writers.  No one should leave my class thinking they are not a part of this literacy community.  I want this blog to be about living and learning within the reader's and writer's workshop.
  I guess I've got to start with my room.  Helping my children see themselves as readers and writers will happen within these four walls, so I should start with how those four walls (err, five-ish) look.  This is the first time I have felt like my room is really prepared the way I want it.

The best part of my room, hands down, is my library.

Fabric on the bulletin board, $8 chair from Goodwill, donated green carpet.  Fits me perfectly!

For the past few years, my book baskets haven't matched.  I finally took the plunge and bought out all the pink and green baskets from Big Lots in three different counties.  It was expensive, but it was well worth it.  And the baskets are really, really sturdy!  When school supplies go on sale in a few weeks, I plan on going back for more!
I wish I had never bought these white bookshelves.  They are sturdy, but they only fit two baskets across!
This is how I organize my library.  Each book as a yard sale sticker on it with a code.  The baskets range from genres like Fantasy, to things like Easy Readers (ER), Jerry Spinelli (JS), and Books with Boys as the Main Character (BB).

My room is pretty standard.  I don't hang up many posters or really anything commercially-made, because I think it is important to build up the walls of the classroom together.  By the middle of the year, my room will be wall-to-wall with anchor charts and powerful words.  Last year, I would let my kids take home the anchor charts when they started to become wallpaper.  All of them would fight over who got to take home the "powerful leads" chart or the "homophones" one.
So here it is, the start of a new year.  My room that seemed so big a few weeks ago will seem extremely cramped as the 24 of us begin to live our lives together.  My room is ready, and as much as possible, I am ready.  The next ten months will be a great journey, and I appreciate everyone who comes along for the ride.  Even if it is just you, mom.



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  1. Your first blg post is great and I'm sure you will have an awesome journey together with your students. Love your reading area!